Roopraj Durry Udyog continues to follow the traditional methods of dhurry weaving, adapted to modern usages, and each Dhurry is handcrafted to perfection.

Each Durry is woven on a loom using cotton or silk yarn, or goat or camel hair. The warp and weft are cotton yarn, and it is the interlocked weave that makes them reversible. Colour-fast natural dyed yarns are the reason they are completely washable, to suit the practical needs of the modern home.

Roopraj's Yarn Colour Chart

The principal weavers have participated in major national workshops and fairs, and have won many laurels. Their tools are simple... merely a loom and shuttle, yarn and a pick are used to create perfection in the form of Roopraj's Durries.

STANDARD SIZES : 6'x9', 5'x8', 4'x6', 3'x5', 2'x3'

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